OOH TRACE launches independent platform for real-time Proof-of-Play verification of Outdoor Advertising

Created and supported by proprietary technology based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, OOH TRACE represents a leap in the verification of ad placements across all OOH Formats.

OOH TRACE verifies whether the right content is rendered or not, other sources measure the size and value of the audiences.

OOH TRACE, an independent platform for real-time, Poof-of-Posting/Proof-of-Play verification of outdoor advertising creative campaigns, is officially launched this week 

Developed by Carlos Viladevall, ex. CEO, Posterscope Spain, OOH TRACE is a leap in the management of the investment and execution of brand campaigns across all OOH formats.  Its entry into the OOH market Globally will contribute to increasing OOH’s level of transparency, control and therefore trust. 

“Our focus,” explains Viladevall, “is to help outdoor media increase trust and value, by creating a first level content display verifier for any ad campaign throughout its duration across all markets and across all vendors. I am sure that the use of OOH TRACE will bring increased consistency to the management and impact on the return that the outdoor media provides to advertised brands.”

OOH TRACE automatically tracks, verifies, and certifies that all Outdoor advertising campaigns are rendered to specifications, during the time, places, and spaces they are supposed to be without incidents.  “We are not analyzing,” Viladevall explains, “the quality or audience of the medium, but whether the creative message is rendered in its entirety as contracted.  OOH TRACE identifies whether the content is there or not, other sources will measure and evaluate the audiences”.

OOH TRACE is a required tool for reliable campaign investment management.  It is fully compatible and integratable with existing media measurement tools in the market.

Created and supported by proprietary technology based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, OOH TRACE represents a leap in automated Poof-of-Posting/Proof-of-Play verification of OOH media in real time.  Via its unique platform, it allows for the total reporting of creative campaigns rendered along with access to a multi-dimensional dashboard.  The dashboard shows cartographically the details of the different outdoor media formats and panels used, all of them geolocated, as well as complete creative placement specification details. 

OOH TRACE is being made available in seven countries: France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Brazil, the United States, Canada, and Spain via local partners.  It is preparing to enter eight other markets, some of which will be incorporated in 2022.


The creation of OOH TRACE benefits from the experience that Carlos Viladevall has in OOH.  For 13 years he was CEO of Posterscope Iberia, combining this role for a period of two years as the head of Carat.  In 2021 he joined OOH Capital, a globally established company dedicated to outdoor advertising consultancy, as a global Founding Partner.  Viladevall combines this position with his role as businessman and entrepreneur in developing OOH TRACE.  As a “dream fulfilled,” OOH TRACE responds to a frequent demand that he encountered in his professional career in the Out of Home sector.


OOH TRACE is an independent outdoor advertising, Proof-of-Posting/Proof-of-Play, verification platform.  A powerful tool created with proprietary technology and supported by data that allows automatic monitoring and verifying of OOH advertising campaigns across all formats, whether paper, vinyl, digital or programmatic, via any vendor in real time.

OOH TRACE was developed to provide greater transparency to the outdoor medium in the firm belief that the road to greater trust is based on the verification and audit in real time that a creative campaign has been rendered across all sites as contracted.  Since its market launch, OOH TRACE has a wide network of expert advisors and is present in seven markets.

by Carlos Viladevall, Founder and CEO